Own & Loan Jersey Sponsorship

Own and Loan a player jersey for the 2021/22 Elite League season.

The way it works is simple. You purchase your favourite players home or away jersey (£250 per-jersey), tell us what name you want printed on the back and ‘loan’ it back to the club.


Regular season jerseys 

Your chosen player will wear the jersey in Elite League games up to the last but one home game of the season.

You will then be presented with the game-worn jersey. You can also choose to have the jersey posted (£5 in the UK, £20 offshore).

Once you, or the person you purchase for has been presented with the jersey, a replacement will be issued to the player, again with your chosen name on and this will be auctioned off in our end of season jersey auction.

Other details 

You can have your name, twitter handle or a friend/family members name if you’re purchasing for a special occasion. All names will be verified by the club.

If your player is chosen as the jersey raffle on a match night, a new jersey will be issued to the player for that game (again with your name on) and the original returned to him after the game, therefore the jersey you receive will have seen as much game wear as possible.

The Blaze wear special jerseys on certain game dates during the season. For these games, your name will not be on those special designed jerseys.

Your name will also be listed as an official jersey sponsor below.

#1 Jordan Hedley
#8 Joey Raats
#9 Ryan Penny
#10 Evan Bloodoff
#11 Austin-Mitchell King
#14 Alex Forbes
#15 David Broll (retired)
#19 Luke Ferrara
#20 Dillon Eichstadt
#22 Justin Hamonic
#23 Alec Marsh
#24 Janne Kivilahti
#28 Mathew Thompson
#30 C.J. Motte
#39 Sam Russell
#41 Johnny Curran
#44 Dane Gibson
#58 David Clements
#59 Ross Venus
#62 Janne Laakkonen
#74 Nathanael Halbert
Ruth Harries
Cora's Diner
Michael & Rebecca
Dave Hood
Scott Stevens
Stuart & Pauline Blower
Kate & Sam Weston
Helen & Paul Hutt
WAY Widdowed & Young
James Wallace
Ian Black
Andrew Fox (Booster Club)
Crazy Crew Emma
Crazy Crew Jackie
Chris & Jo Pryke
The Beaumont Sisters
Crazy Crew James
Crazy Crew Scott
Bella Sunrider
Steve Coulson
The Beaumont Sisters
Jim & Bev (Booster Club)
Rita Goulding (Booster Club)
Madison Edwards
Sophie Lunn
Rachel & Craig