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Young Journo Winners Announced

Winner #1 #Joey Farren (Age 10)

We were blown away by this entry from Joey in the 12-16 age category who put together his own version of Blaze's official magazine, OnFire!

Featuring interviews with #17 Russ Cowley and the Blaze magician Jester Styles we highly recommend that all of our fans take the time to have a look and read of the magazine.

We know what you're thinking... no way can a 10 year old produce that, right?! Well, Joey's Mum, Amanda predicted such a reaction telling us, "I want to emphasise that Joey has created his magazine completely independently. From the initial idea, to speaking to the relevant people to help, to the actual design - he has done this all himself. I’m conscious being a designer that the credit might be taken away from Joey. I obviously gave him access to the tools and spent a couple of minutes showing him the very basics but then I left him to it and had no input into the project at any point."

I think we can all agree Joey has surpassed all of our expectations from what we thought we might get in this competition. Well done Joey, a big stick tap to you!

Winner #2 Ben Mangan (Age 13)

Ben is our second winner in the 7-11 category, writing us a report of his favourite Blaze game. Saturday 2nd April. Elite League Playoff Semi-Final. Genting Casino Coventry Blaze vs. Cardiff.


As we leave the car park of the Motorpoint Arena, just minutes after Russ Cowley tapped the puck into the empty net to secure our place in the playoff final weekend, I was on the phone to my Mum, hoping that she could magically get me and Dad tickets for the Playoff finals weekend. She managed to get tickets for Block 10 and we were over the moon. I’m pretty sure my Dad hated me after that car journey home as he had to listen to me babbling on for 90 minutes about how we were going to win the playoffs.

As soon as I woke up on the morning of the semi-final, I put my Blaze shirt on and I was raring to go despite the fact that the game did not start for another four hours. By the time we arrived at Nottingham, I was more nervous than I could ever remember being and just hoped the Blaze would win.

Sitting there waiting for the game to begin watching the team practicing it looked like the team were ready to play but the nerves were still near. However, David Clements, sorry I mean Super David Clements, lightened the mood by staying on the ice for as long as possible much to the annoyance of a lot of people in the stadium especially the Cardiff family sitting next to me. By the time he left the ice to a big triumphant cheer from the Blaze fans, the arena had started to fill up and everybody was eagerly anticipating the entrance of both teams.

Once both teams were on the ice and both national anthems had been sung, I sat down ready and waiting to see the Blaze win (hopefully!!!!!!!!). Two and half minutes in when Jim Jorgensen put the puck into what I like to call the corridor of uncertainty and Bruton hit the net hard I slowly stood up from my seat and to my delight the red light came on. Goal! I couldn’t believe it; we were already 1-0 up.

Having calmed down I sat down not having the slightest idea what was to come next. What felt only like a matter of seconds, when Lauzon pulled his stick to fire what we all thought would be a hard snap shot he spotted the advancing run of Brett Robinson who tipped his pass high over Ben Bowns and into the net. I thought I was dreaming, we were playing some of our best hockey of the season and looked like we were strolling our way to the final.

When the puck was dropped to restart the game and with most of the Blaze fans still stood up cheering, the puck came back to Jim Jorgensen who cleared it down the line towards the advancing Tanaka who with his left hand down on the ice skipped past the Devils defenseman and poked it through the five hole. All I am going to say is, we were winning and we were winning big. I was really pleased with the Blaze being 3-0 up. When Tanaka backhand passed it across the crease and Bruton tapped it in at the back post for his second goal of the game I thought I was dreaming. Four goals, one period, the win was now almost guaranteed.

During the first period break a Fife fan turned to me and said that I was looking very smug and, I mean, why shouldn’t I have been? There was also the continuing singing of ‘We are Number 8’ and ‘We Believe That We Will Win.’

When the second period started it was a lot slower as it looked like the Cardiff team and fans had realised they weren’t going to win this. As an end-to-end game started to build, Josh Godfrey shot the puck at the net and it looped up into the air and he batted in the rebound the win was signed, sealed and delivered. However, I did feel a little scared for the goal judge as it looked like Godfrey wanted to hurt him with that celebration! For the rest of this period and the third period the Blaze held onto their lead and the fans were thoroughly enjoying themselves.

Then with around 5 minutes left in the game, my man of the match Chris Bruton poked the puck away from the Devils forward and latched onto it and dispatched it into the back of the net. It was a beautiful moment with the whole crowd standing up to pay tribute to a great performance, bagging a hat trick in such an important game. This was especially enjoyed by the Braehead fans who celebrated like he was still playing for them. Cardiff scored two late goals to make the score 6-2 but by that stage we didn’t care.

With one minute left all of the Blaze fans were up and clapping their hands absolutely grinning from ear to ear, well I was anyway. When the buzzer sounded at the end of the game the celebrations really started in the crowd and on the ice. This performance really made me believe we could win the final the next day.

Overall, this game had to be my best moment as a Coventry Blaze fan as it was such an important win and it showed how much better the team had got over the entire season!

COME ON YOU BLAZE!!!!!!!!!!!



Genting Casino Coventry Blaze would like to say a huge well done and congratulations to both Joey and Ben.

Thanks to everyone that took part and supported this competition.