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Thank you from Blaze ownership

Hi Everyone,

It goes without saying that it’s not a great feeling today.  It’s not a feeling we are used to and it’s not a feeling we want to have again.  It’s a feeling that makes you want to find ways to be better.  To move forward.  As a club, to an individual we really have given our all but it ended up not being quite good enough this time.

That said, it’s true to say that we’ve not taken some of the chances we have had this season.  At times, we’ve not been quite good enough.  When the odds are against you, when you have opportunities, you have to have the strength of character to take them.  And probably, just a few too many times, we didn’t do what was required.  There have been so many fantastic games this season - close, competitive games - and we haven’t quite managed to get across the line often enough, even though it’s never been for lack of trying.

As a fan base, you’ve all been magnificent.  Whether you are a long time fan or one of the hundreds who have fallen in love with this great sport of ours just this season, everyone thanks you.  To all of our sponsors, volunteers, media crew, match night staff – again a huge thank you for all you do.  None of this is possible without you.

As a club we are proud of who we are.  We are proud to play at the highest level of the sport in this country.  We are proud to be part of a great league, a great product and a great sport.  We are proud of our supporters, our staff and our players.  This is a special club.  With so many great people involved.  Everyone cares and is committed to the cause.  And it’s that which will help us lick our wounds and return stronger and even more determined next season.

We hope everyone has a fantastic summer and we hope to see you all back at the Skydome at the end of August.

Andy (Buxton), Mike (Cowley) and James (Pease)