A partner of the Blaze who often do not get the credit they deserve for the amount they do, and the time they put into the club, so we're proud to present Chris Hammond and ha-creative as our next sponsor spotlight. 

ha-creative is a graphic design agency offering a multi-discipline approach to developing effective, powerful, bespoke communications ideas for our clients. They blend creative thinking with positive solutions which genuinely support your brand across a wide range of media.

From marketing strategies, all areas of design work, including logos, brochures, magazines, websites, e-advertising – in fact, everything from a humble business card to a full blown advertising campaign - ha-creative will take your work and wow you with theirs. What’s more, they'll do it with a smile. 

1/ What is your business called?


2/ How long have you been sponsoring the Blaze?

8 years (I think!)

3/ Why do you sponsor the Blaze?

We wanted to be involved with a major Coventry sporting club.

4/ What have you sponsored this season?

We create the club's official magazine, OnFire and design Blaze’s top line promotional material. And, we'd love to get involved with designing the jersey's at some point in the future.

5/ What are your highlights or best memories of being a sponsor for our club?

Benn Olson was always fun to watch and it was a joy to have an NHL player, Matt Beleskey with us.

Winning the play-offs in 2015 is of course also a real highlight. 

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A partnership with the Blaze is both enjoyable and rewarding so whether you are looking to promote your company, entertain your clients or just support one of your local sports teams, we can help - and would love to hear from you!