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Pick your January 2017 Player of the Month

It’s that time again!

Pick your January 2017 PMC Financial Planning Player of the Month before 12pm on Friday 3rd February.

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Pick your January Player of the Month

The award will be presented to the lucky player after the game on Sunday at the Skydome Arena vs. Sheffield Steelers (5.15pm face-off).

Defencemen Marc Cantin, Shawn Boutin and David Clements particularly have logged big minutes this past month with Jim Jorgensen, Kevin Noble and Josh Godfrey side-lined for extended periods.

Russ Cowley and also Brett Robinson, the Canadian, impressively contributing a joint team-leading 10 points (2 goals, 8 assists) in the 9 games over January have both done a sterling job covering on the back-end, with help from Brian Stewart who posted a 91.1% save-percentage over the month.

Forward Robin Bergman equals Robinson for points over the 9 games in January (4 goals, 6 assists = 10 points). Not included in those numbers are the Swedes two successful shoot-out attempts to secure Blaze victory over the Panthers on the 8th January.

T.J Syner, also with ten, shares the top points spot with Bergman and Robinson, the American contributing 4 goals, 6 assists for 10 points.

The trio are closely followed by Captain Jordan Pietrus (3 + 6 = 9) and Barry Almeida (4 + 4 = 8), who hit the over-time game-winning-goal in Cardiff on the 7th January.

Matt Marquardt (4+4 = 8) too has excelled playing a physical role with the cousins, providing a strong net-presence on the powerplay. The Canadian with a 3 goal weekend recently against the title chasing Sheffield Steelers.

Finally, British forward Ashley Tait has enjoyed scoring success over the month with 4 goals, 1 assist.

Who do you pick? Make your choice now! Find out who wins on Sunday.