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Lola steals the show

Genting Casino Coventry Blaze secured a sixth straight victory vs. Sheffield Steelers on the 28th February wining by a score of 4-2. During the game, official club photographer Scott Wiggins snapped a canditate for EIHL photo of the year, with #20 Drew Fisher celebrating a goal in sequence with a young Blaze fan named Lola.

This Wednesday evening, following a 6-1 victory over the Nottingham Panthers, a star was born as the famous Lola was invited on to the ice to meet and interview her hero by Media Manager, Rob Plaister.

“When I saw Scott’s fantastic photo of Fisher scoring and Lola flying through the air celebrating, I knew he had captured something special," said Rob. 

To me that summed up the Blaze in one picture. A closeness, one big family, try as they might, there is no other club that can replicate what we have at the Skydome in that sense. In that way we have it just right. 

I see another club's GM lifting a trophy this week and I think, British hockey isn’t about that, it’s not about the owners or the GM’s, or shouldn’t be, it’s about the players and their fans first and foremost.

When I saw that picture, I knew we had to complete the story and so we invited Lola on to the ice to interview her hero, it just so happened Drew scored the first goal last night to set us on our way. Some things are just meant to be and last night it all came together beautifully. Lola was fantastic on the ice, and Fisher is a top guy. There is a famous quote about always leave them wanting more, and I am sure Lola, our now official 'Junior Reporter' will be back soon. Ed Kimberley needs to be looking over his shoulder that's for sure!"