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Coventry University study: Online Blaze forum

Many of you will remember the old Fire and Ice Forum which gave our fans an online space to discuss all things Coventry Blaze.

Since the forum’s closure, a Facebook group was created and has become relatively active, however that hasn’t satisfied everyone’s desire for a virtual Blaze community.

Step forward our partners Coventry University who have set-up a new online Blaze forum and are welcoming fans to join now.

As part of becoming member, as well as being able to discuss everything about the Blaze in a safe environment, you will also be helping our friends at Coventry University in a research study which aims to understand team fans interactions in virtual communities.

Your participation in this forum will help the researchers to get a better insight into the dynamics within virtual communities and how those dynamics can impact consumer behaviour and wellbeing.

The study, which you will agree to be a part of on registration of the forum should take approximately 7 months, but the forum will remain opened at least until the end of the season.

As well as being a member and participating in online forum discussions, you will also be asked to fill two short surveys that will take approximately 6-8 minutes of your time.

Your participation will be treated confidentially and the information you provide will be kept anonymous in any research outputs/publications.

Coventry Blaze will not intervene on the forum​, this means that the club will not post information, nor respond to any posts or comments. All views posted will be those of fellow fans.

Your participation in the forum is entirely voluntary, and you can opt out at any stage by cancelling your registration on the forum or by contacting the lead researcher Dr André Soares,

All fans that participate will be entered into a monthly prize draw.

Participant information statement 

Register/Visit the forum 

The forum is available via: 

To register for the forum and be part of the research study, click on 'Join' (top left), then fill in the form and follow the online directions.

Once you have registered your email address and created a password, you'll be able to login and take part in the discussion.

If you have any questions, or problems please contact the lead researcher Dr André Soares,