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Coach Stewart: "Blaze are in a good place”

Genting Casino Coventry Blaze Head Coach Danny Stewart was a happy man today telling us, “Blaze are in a good place” with regards to summer recruitment.  

The 37-year-old Canadian will return to Coventry on Friday following a short working break home in Niagara, Canada, during which he sealed deals for Swedish winger Robin Bergman, and young British forward (although classed as an import) Liam Stewart.

“Right now as we approach the start of June we are in a good position," said Stewart. "With important parts of our core back in place, we have gone and added depth to our line-up and also some speed!”

Both Bergman and Stewart are known to be strong, quick skaters something that the new Blaze boss earlier identified as an area of focus. Also on his list after confirming the departure of 6’7" Slovakian Boris Valabik is to add a level of physicality to his line-up.

“We have the luxury now to be very selective in how we finalise our roster. We know with our last few spots we want to add some additional speed and skill and also a couple guys that will bring a physical element, but also be productive in other areas.”

Stewart is also keen to confirm the latest position in regards Canadian Chris Bruton, the man who helped kick start Blaze’s season in early February, quickly becoming a fan’s favourite in the process.

“We have had brief discussions with Chris and as an organisation we are still committed to bringing him back,” insisted Stewart.

Bruton who has recently been climbing Mount Everest posted an impressive 23 points in 16  regular games after joining from the Braehead Clan in a trade with Neil Trimm. The scoring didn’t stop there either as he hit a further 7 points in 4 games helping Blaze reach a second consecutive playoff final whilst also confirming his credentials as one of the best forwards of his type in the Elite League.

Stewart added, “He (Bruton) has asked the club for more time and we have honoured that for the time being. Hopefully we shall know a bit more in the next couple of weeks. In the mean time we stay busy and I hope everyone is enjoying their summer. I look forward to returning to the UK on Friday to continue our preparation for the upcoming season on and off the ice, whilst putting together the final pieces of this roster."

Tomorrow morning (11am) the Blaze will announce the date for Danny Stewart's first game behind the Blaze bench along with further details of the club's pre-season schedule. 

Article: Rob Plaister (@DRPlogistics)