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Captain's Corner (Edition two)

Blaze Faithful!

I appreciate the feedback following last week's post. A couple of you asked some great questions and those are going to be a huge help for me to give you what you want. Please keep them coming on Twitter (@kpmorris27) or Instagram (@kpmorris27). I need your help and creativity so we can keep this thing fun!

For those of you that don’t know, Chris Joyaux and I are living together here in Cov. Therefore, most of the things I put on here are coming from the both of us. So when I say we, that’s who I’m referring to.

Favourite British Expressions

First of all, being able to speak and understand the language in a foreign country is a huge plus. Not having to worry about translating things before we came over here was a great comfort. It has also allowed us to have an immediate chuckle anytime we learn a new British expression.

For example:

“We’re on our way to the golf course from the car park. Go on and get the buggy sorted and we’ll be there at half 11. Sorry for being long geezer’s, our car was being a bit wonky earlier. Cheers mate!”

Deciphered for anyone reading back home:

“Go on”- Please continue

“Cheers mate” - Thank you

“Car Park” - Parking garage

“Buggy” - Golf cart

“Sorted” - all worked out

“Long Geezer” - Someone who takes forever to do something

“Wonky” - not functioning correctly

“Half 11” - 11:30

Favourite British Foods

Taylors Butchers has kept our team well fed. Chris and I do a lot of cooking, but quite frankly Stuart does all the hard work. Most of his meats are flavored and ready to go. All we have to do is throw it in the oven with some veggies. His steak and ale pies are always a big hit at our flat, as well as his pork parcels, chicken stir fry, and his pork belly. We always manage to walk out of there with a heated up sausage roll for the drive home in afternoon traffic to hold us over until dinner. If you haven’t had the chance to try his infamous ghost pie, make sure you sample it. It’s to die for!

Of course, we’ve mixed in a few traditional fish and chips and a few cask ales on the occasional off day!

Hockey Thoughts

We have our first big travel weekend coming up this Saturday against Glasgow. It will be another really good test for us, followed up by an extremely important Challenge Cup game against Milton Keynes. Our focus this week is just like every other week. Get better each day to prepare ourselves for success on the weekend. We will take some time to learn from our previous mistakes, but we are going to keep this train chugging forward each week.

Chris Joyaux’s Food For Thought

“If a stealth bomber crashes in the forest, does it still make a sound?”