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Blaze webcast to continue next season

Genting Casino Coventry Blaze Media Manager Rob Plaister has confirmed that webcast partner Clean Cut Sports will continue to work with the club throughout the 2017/18 Elite League season.

Plaister said, “I personally feel there has been a bit of negativity towards webcasts from other clubs recently in the Elite League. With some deciding to pull the plug on their webcasts completely, or for certain local games, I assume in a bid to fill some empty seats. However, we are only too happy to welcome Pete Ballinger and his excellent team back to the Skydome for another season.”

Clean Cut Sports have been the Blaze webcast partner for the past seven years and with a show fronted by regular hosts Ed Kimberley and Stuart Coles, we have seen the number of viewers increase year on year. 

Plaister continued, “We are very proud as a club with our webcast. Ed and Stu, and all the background team at Clean Cut Sports that make it possible do a fantastic job. We like to give fans, not just our own, but also those of our opposition the opportunity to watch from home if they cannot make the game. Our attendances have been fantastic this season, and don’t forget this is with a webcast every week. We are thrilled with the match-night product that we offer and so it seems are many of our fans. Nothing beats actually being at a game, but we recognise that some people, for whatever reason are sometimes unable to join us, whether it be personal circumstance, finance etc. So, for us to be able to offer a good second solution for those who aren't able to be at the Skydome is important, hence why we have made the decision to maybe go against the grain slightly, and continue to develop this side of our business." 

Pete Ballinger, owner of Clean Cut Sports commented, “Our partnership with the Coventry Blaze goes from strength to strength. Whether it be the weekly webcast, the Continental Cup in Poland, a Scottish tour, or the Play-Off weekend, every year provides something different, and I speak for all of the team that we are delighted to be continuing for next season.”

Ballinger concluded, “With the increased number of people watching the webcast we are investing in a more scalable and robust system capable of handling this increased demand. Accordingly, after an intense few days’ work, Coventry Blaze webcasts can now be watched via the new link and we look forward to many more hockey fans from all over the world joining us on a game night.”

Previous viewers will need to re-register themselves on the new site before being able to watch live streams so please allow a little extra time when purchasing a webcast for the first time on the new platform