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Blaze to help animals find forever homes

The Genting Casino Coventry Blaze are proud to announce a new partnership with RSPCA Coventry and District Branch and Suki's Canine Rescue Crew which will see the club use its growing social media presence to showcase animals who require re-homing.

Recognising that our player signing announcements gain a significant amount of attention, with help from the charities, we will be pairing our future announcements with profiles of animals looking for their forever home.

It’s hoped that by doing this we will be able to contribute to matching animals in need with loving families in the local area.

RSPCA Coventry and District Branch

The RSPCA Coventry and District Branch on Coundon Wedge Drive opened in 1981 and it rehomes over 700 animals a year. Although the Branch receives a level of funding towards the running costs from the National RSPCA, the Centre is a separately registered charity which relies primarily on local public donations to help fund the Centre. Operational costs are around £30,000 per month. The Branch supports the local RSPCA Inspectors by taking in mistreated or abandoned animals, including pets whose owners suffer ill health, financial difficulties or pass away. The Inspectors work to rescue animals in distress and enforce laws against the mistreatment of animals by bringing prosecution.

Suki's Canine Rescue Crew

Suki's Canine Rescue Crew cover a wide area around the Midlands, helping dogs and owners in need. They go above and beyond to help dogs by assessing, rehoming, reuniting, fostering and offering advice to owners on training and behavioural issues. The team is made up of volunteers, and also rely solely on donations and fundraising to carry out the crucial work that they do.

Coventry Blaze Media and Marketing Manager, Craig Summerton, said, “We have had a lot of fun with our player announcements over the past couple of years which has helped us grow our social media reach and power. We now want to try and use that for a greater cause within the local community. Ice hockey and dogs in particular are synonymous with each other so we felt like this initiative would be a perfect fit. If we help to re-home just one animal with a loving family then it’ll be worth it.”

Dawn Pawlett, Branch Fundraiser (RSPCA), said, “We are thrilled and delighted that the Coventry Blaze team have chosen to support the RSPCA Coventry and District Branch and especially, the support they are offering to help find forever homes for the animals who are currently in our care. It is really appreciated by all of our team who continue to look after the dogs and cats who are currently in our care and who are reliant on us for their medication, food, exercise and socialisation and it is a wonderful example of the local community working together”.

Helen Ali, Rehoming Manager, Suki’s Canine Rescue Crew, commented, “We are delighted that the Coventry Blaze approached us to form this partnership. As a Coventry based charity run by volunteers, we rely on the support and dedication of the local community in order to re-home our dogs across the UK. Coventry Blaze are a fantastic team, who over the years have contributed so much to the City. We are looking forward to working together to continue the good work.”

You can find out more about either charity, how you can help or donate via their respective websites: