Blaze support FreeRadio #DriveItThru campaign

The Genting Casino Coventry Blaze, as well as other local sporting teams including Coventry City Football Club and Coventry Rugby Club are showing support to our partners FreeRadio in their #DriveItThru campaign.

The Drive It Thru campaign, was launched following the deaths of young Coventry brothers, Corey and Casper Platt-May.

They were hit by a banned and speeding driver on Longfellow Road in February. 53 year old Robert Brown from Wyken was jailed for just nine years.

Following Brown's sentence, Louise and Reece Platt-May said;

"To watch your children die in front of you is something no parents should have to experience.

"Robert Brown showed total disregard for the law when he got behind the wheel that day and because of him we're living a life sentence knowing we'll never see our boys grow up, while he will be out of prison in just a few years and will be free to continue his life.

"We call on the Government to honour Corey and Casper's legacy by ensuring its proposals for tougher sentences for drivers who kill are made law as soon as practically possible."

In October 2017 the Ministry of Justice confirmed plans to introduce tougher sentences with the maximum penalty rising from 14 years to life, but as yet the legislation needed to move forward has not gone before Parliament.

Free Radio and the Coventry sporting community is now working together with Corey and Casper's family to demand action and tougher sentences NOW!

If you agree the Government needs to act NOW, please support the #DriveItThru campaign by signing the petition here: