The Genting Casino Coventry Blaze are offering fans the opportunity to Own and Loan a player’s jersey for the 2019/20 Elite League season.

To Own and Loan a blue (home) or white (away) regular season jersey, the price for remaining jerseys in the New Year sale is just £175 until the end of the 2019/20 season.

The way it works is simple. You purchase your favourite players home or away jersey, tell us what name you want printed on the back and 'loan' it back to the club.

Regular season jerseys 

Your chosen player will wear the jersey in league games then you will be presented with the game-worn jersey by the player to keep and a photo of the presentation sent to you.

Once you, or the person you purchase for has been presented with the jersey, a replacement will be issued to the player, again with your chosen name on and this will be auctioned off in our end of season jersey auction.

If you choose to be presetned with your jersey at the end of the season in order for it to gain the most game-wear, your player will wear it until the last but one game. In the final game he will wear a different jersey to be auctioned.

Other details 

You can have your name, twitter handle or a friend/family members name if you're purchasing for a special occasion. All names will be verified by the club.

If your player is chosen as the jersey raffle on a match night, a new jersey will be issued to the player for that game (again with your name on) and the original returned to him after the game, therefore the jersey you receive will have seen as much game wear as possible.

To Own and Loan a jersey for the 2019/20 Elite League season call the Blaze office on 02477 719919 (Monday to Friday 9.30am - 4.30pm).





#1 Hedley Booster Club Crazy Crew
#8 Lord     
#10 Bloodoff Dave Hood  Mick, Ali & James Mather
#11 M.Pohlkamp Jim and Bev The Beaumont Sisters
#14 Forbes Ryan Cross   
#15 Broll Richie Stewart  
#18 Lawrence Philippa Lynch Booster Club
#19 Ferrara Crazy Crew

Oliver Norfolk

#20 Eichstadt Sold  
#21 C.Pohlkamp   The Beaumont Sisters
#22 Hamonic  Stuart & Pauline Blower  
#28 Hache     
#30 Motte James Wallace  
#41 Curran Sophie Lunn Sold
#44 Schiestel     
#58 Clements Crazy Crew Madison Edwards
#59 Venus  Jordan Beaumont Crazy Crew
#61 Johnston Booster Club  
#62 Laakkonen    
#88 Corcoran   Ian Black