#1 Jordan Hedley Thomas Sheriff
#11 Austin Mitchell-King Robert Mitchell-King
#14 Alex Forbes Jennifer Killick
#16 Sam Duggan Kristy Bromhall
#18 Nick Jermain  Brandon Street
#19 Luke Ferrara Jordan West
#21 Chris Pohlkamp Ashleigh Fellows
#23 Paul Swindlehurst Matthew Boothby
#24 Ivan Antonov Joseph Hickey
#27 Cole Shudra Ben Payne
#33 Nicolai Bryhnisveen David Hood
#34 Simen Andre Edvardsen Gard Bakken
#37 Toms Rutkis Luke James
#39 Sam Russell Harry Dunsby
#40 Will Bray Bethan Patrick
#43 Max Krogdahl Christopher Pryke
#50 Shane Owen Elliott Russan
#58 David Clements Gavin Lloyd
#59 Ross Venus Ashley Walford
#62 Janne Laakkonen Leanne O'Sullivan
#71 Tristan Keck Andrew Fox
#90 Mike Hammond James Wallace
#95 Mac Howlett Beth Armour


The Coventry Blaze in partnership with Five-on-3 and the Blaze Blue Army are proud to present our warm-up jerseys for the upcoming Elite Series.

The jersey design is inspired by Coventry's famous three spires, belonging to St. Michael's, Holy Trinity and Christ Church which are such a famous part of the city's skyline.

In our year as City of Culture, we are proud to be a part of the city and on the back-base of the jersey we again, say thank you to our NHS heroes who continue to look after us during the pandemic.

These jerseys will be worn by the players in warm-up ahead of each Elite Series game.

You can own one of these special player-worn warm-up jerseys for £100 via the online Blaze store.

Own a three-spires warm-up jersey:


The jerseys will be washed and cleaned before being sent to you.

The Blaze would like to thank sponsor Five-on-3 and our equipment manager Ethan Kane who came up with the jersey concept.

The Blaze Blue Army supporters club will once again also sponsor our warm-up jerseys and we appreciate their continued support.