Support your favourite Blaze player, and keep them protected during the Elite League season by becoming the official sponsor of a piece of their equipment.

All sponsors will benefit from having their name on the kit sponsorship grid below for the entirity of the 2021/22 Elite League season and in our monthly magazine OnFire. 

Please note: you purchasing a sponsorship of the equipment, not the physical piece of equipment except for the stick sponsorship.

Rewards Matrix


Recieve a replica jersey of your choice  


Team signed game used stick

Personalised canvas of your chosen player Small sticker on the back of your chosen players helmet Signed player puck of your chosen player Team photo Autograph photo signed by your chosen player Signed on ice action photo certificate of your chosen player 



Stick (£75)


Skates (£50)


Helmet (£40)


Shorts (£25)


Gloves (£20)


Leg Pads (£10)

Leg Tape (£5)                

Mouthguard (£5)


Water bottle (£5)




Home jersey (£125)

  Away jersey (£125)

Stick (£75)

 Skates (£50) 

Helmet (£40)

 Shorts  (£25) 

 Gloves  (£20)

Leg pads (£10) Mouth Guard (£5) Water bottle (£5)
#1 Jordan Hedley Crazy Crew Scott S Crazy Crew Karen Crazy Crew James Crazy Crew Emma            
#8 Joey Raats         Lauren Lee     Dougie    
#9 Ryan Penny     Ross Shaw- Mellors         Dougie    
#10 Evan Bloodoff Jake Evans   Michael & Rebecca Sharon Allison MFHT          

Kayleigh Harris

#11 Austin        Mitchell-King               Dougie


#14 Alex Forbes Crazy Crew Nigel Crazy Crew  Kaz Crazy  Crew  Keith Crazy Crew  Paul H Crazy Crew Jackie Crazy Crew Helen Crazy Crew Ships Crazy Crew Danielle Crazy Crew CarolE  
#15 David Broll      Ollie Dixon   Reece Perks         DB & The Collective
#19 Luke Ferrara     Jay Greaves Meegan Crazy Crew Richard Crazy Crew Paul Crazy Crew Richie Crazy Crew Darren Crazy Crew Jake  
#20 Dillon Eichstadt     Phil Child              
#22 Justin Hamonic     Chris Pryke              
#23 Alec Marsh        Leigh-Anne Avery       Dougie    

#24 Janne Kivilahti

#28 Mathew Thompson      Paul & Lisa         Dougie    
#30 C.J. Motte     The Freemans       Jennifer Chandler Jill Phelps    
#39 Sam Russell               Dougie    
#41 Johnny Curran  The Curran Family       Mia Shaw          
#44 Dane Gibson                Dougie   Joel Harris
#58 David Clements     Jordan West         Dougie   Paul & Lisa
#59 Ross Venus Crazy Crew Tom Crazy  Crew Cockerny Crazy Crew   Scott K Crazy Crew Holly Crazy Crew   Jen Crazy Crew Chloe Crazy Crew Amy  Crazy Crew Gemma Crazy Crew India  
#62 Janne Laakkonen         Pyra Pyra Kaapo Korhonen      
#74 Nathanael Halbert               Dougie    



Suit (£100)

Tie (£50)

Whiteboard (£20)

 Whistle (£15)

 Clipboard (£15)

HC Danny Stewart Mandy & Ricky        
AC Dayle "Keeno" Keen