Information for Coventry Blaze games during 2021/22 – correct as of 6th September 2021. Subject to change at short notice subject to requirements from government.

Match nights will take place under the COVID-protocols being followed by both Coventry Blaze and the Skydome Arena (operated by Planet Ice), which are essentially based on current Government guidelines. Any change to government mandates at any point during the season will be reflected by the Skydome Arena and Coventry Blaze in the presentation of a match night.

It goes without saying that you SHOULD NOT come to a Blaze game, if you are experiencing any symptoms of COVID-19. Stay home and get tested to ensure the safety of yourself and others.

Please maintain good hygiene at all times. Wash your hands with soap and water before and during your visit, or use hand sanitiser regularly.

At present, there are no COVID restrictions, or social distancing requirement in England which limit the number of people that can enter an event, and tickets for games will be sold on the basis of full capacity.

At the present time, there is no government mandated requirement for vaccination passports or negative tests to attend games although we would encourage lateral flow testing prior to coming to games for the protection of all our supporters.

The Government guidance is that the wearing of face masks is not mandatory, it is now a personal choice. 

However, for the safety of our players, colleagues and fellow supporters, our recommendation is that you continue to wear a face covering (if you can) when moving around the Arena. You are of course, welcome to remove these when seated.  Where groupings of people occur, such as when entering/exiting the building, having tickets checked, at merchandise stands, standing to watch the game at the boards, or where a face to face transaction takes place, we would again recommend and encourage the wearing of a mask.

Planet Ice are now a cashless facility. However, they will have the facility to accept cash payments in the instance where customers are not able to pay via card on match nights. Where there are multiple till points in food and drink locations, only one till will be accepting cash payments. Please check the signage at each till point and head to the cash till point if paying via cash. All tills within the arena will be accepting card payments.

The Coventry Blaze will continue to accept both card and cash payments on a match-night. Whilst we would encourage the use of contactless means of payment, it is not a requirement and cash is accepted. 

We would highly recommend pre-purchasing your ticket/s online and having your ticket ready before you arrive at the Arena. This also applies to away supporters.  Tickets can still be purchased in cash at the box office during the week and on the day of a game.

Where possible we will be scanning tickets outside of the Arena, and a new orderly queue system will be in place to reduce crowd congestion.. It may take a little while longer to get into the Skydome Arena than in the past, so please make sure you leave plenty of time to enter the Arena and get settled ahead of face-off time.

Period break games will be carried out in a COVID secure way, for example all pucks will be sanitised following each Chuck-a-puck game. 

Sadly, at this time, players will not be able to carry out fan interaction activities such as allowing supporters on to the bench to watch warm-up or have photographs as part of birthday packages although this will be regularly reviewed. 

Dressing room tours will currently not be taking place, and post-game on-ice presentations will be carried out in a COVID secure manner as deemed appropriate by the club.

For the protection of the players, please DO NOT gather by either team’s dressing room before, during or after a game. 

Please also refrain from standing by the team benches at the end of the game until the players have left the benches and are lined up on their blue lines - the safety of our players and others remains our priority.