Canadian defenceman Jason Robinson won the Elite League Championship with the Blaze in 2009/10, returning to the club for a second spell mid-way through the following season. Before signing in Coventry, Robinson had spent a number of years in the UK playing for Newcastle Vipers, London Racers and Sheffield Steelers.

"My experience playing for the Blaze was a very memorable one. First of all, we won the league which speaks for itself.

"I really enjoyed playing for the Blaze faithful. I was always a pretty 'stand-offish' guy when it came to fans and supporters. But, Coventry broke down a lot of those walls for me. The supporters were incredibly nice, and just wanted to be social with the players rather than prying. I was truly fortunate to meet some great people.

"Game night was always exciting. The Skydome may not have been the biggest rink in the league, but the supporters filled it every night, and with all the respect in the world, they were certainly biased towards the home team.

"I played in Coventry at the end of my career, and as you get older it gets a little tougher to play hard every night. But in those home games I was always able to find a little extra for the home supporters. I am grateful for all of my time spent with the Blaze organisation."