Since 2002, the Genting Casino Coventry Blaze have held a prosperous, and longstanding relationship with Coventry University allowing over 50 players to combine playing with study in a variety of business focussed bachelor’s and master’s disciplines over the last 16 years (Find out more).



The majority of players take advantage of courses offered through the well-respected Business School, taking an important step to enhancing career prospects once their playing days are over.

This fantastic offer could be made to you!!

The outstanding level of education and qualification received has led many of our former players onto successful and lucrative careers post-hockey. This includes, Doug Schueller (Head Coach at St John’s University), Chris McNamara (President, AMT Surgery and Vantage Endoscopy), Neal Martin (Regional Sales Manager, AMT Electrosurgery), Shea Guthrie (Account Manager, Sophos) and Dan Carlson (Financial Advisor, TruCairn Advisors) amongst many others.