The Coventry Blaze are led by Chairman Andy Buxton (right) and Managing Director Mike Cowley (left).


Andy Buxton

One of the original founders of the club, Andy has been Blaze Chairman since 1997. Andy combines his Blaze duties with the position of General Manager of the Great Britain Men's Ice Hockey Team which has seen him manage the national side in over 60 games at World Championships, Olympic Qualification events and international games since 2007.  Andy has also served as an Alternate Director of the sport's governing body, Ice Hockey UK and serves as an Ambassador for the City of Coventry.  

Andy can be reached at

Mike Cowley

One of the original founders of the club, Mike has been Managing Director of the Blaze since 1997 and has vast experience in British Ice Hockey. Mike is the club's director on the Elite League board and previously served as a director of the sport's governing body Ice Hockey UK, representing Ice Hockey UK at many international conferences and at major tournaments. 

Mike can be reached at

Details of other off-ice staff can be found here: