A wide range of customisable opportunities are available, designed to meet YOUR needs, including sponsorship of the following:

  • Our mischievous mascot Scorch
  • Player Cards – around 20 single cards each handed out to up to 3,000 people
  • Blaze cars – our players could drive around with your branding
  • The popular Blaze webcast – watched by hockey fans around the globe
  • Blaze TV YouTube – near 24,000 views a month
  • #BlazeLive – Match Night Twitter Updates
  • Centre-ice Clock branding
  • Become the Title Sponsor of our home, the Skydome Arena
  • If you haven’t found something perfect for your company in this brochure – contact us!

Contact the Blaze Office to discuss any partnership opportunity:

Email: office@coventryblaze.co.uk

Tel: 02477 719919