Lead and associate Blaze player sponsorship is available, meaning your company will be partnered with a top-level sportsman from the most successful professional sports team in the region. Your company name will be widely used and heard by up to 3,000 supporters each match-night as the player takes part in the action, whether it’s a goal scored, assisted or a penalty received for example.



With your company name prominently displayed on every jersey worn by your sponsored player through the season, your brand will feature heavily in media images used in local newspapers, on our website and widely on social media.



At the beginning of the season, you will receive a game-issue version of the jersey to be worn by your sponsored player. This will be presented to you at our Sponsors Night where you will get the chance to meet and network with our other partners, and be introduced to your sponsored player.



Your company logo/name will feature on the front page of the Blaze website, on graphics associated with your player in our #BlazeLive Twitter Updates and in our significantly promoted Directory of Partner Services.


Player sponsorship available from £850 + VAT.

Contact us

If you are interested in finding out more, please email us: office@coventryblaze.co.uk - or give us a call: 02477 719919.