Arena advertising is an effective, awareness generating medium that links sponsors with the spectators.

Permiter advertising boards are unique in that they are actually part of the playing surface!

Your company sign could also be front and centre of one of our SkyBoxes or SkySuites.


Up to 4 metre boards are available starting from £1000 + VAT

Ice Logos


Have your logo in full view of near 3,000 Blaze supporters every week, plus thousands more who watch our highlights on Blaze TV, and skate during the week at Planet Ice, Skydome. Your brand, permanently painted under the ice –taking centre stage with the players.

Available from £1,500 + VAT.

Goal Posts

Goal post branding offers your company a primary focal point, not only for spectators in attendance but also for visual media coverage. With your brand ‘wrapped’ around the posts of both goals, your company is guaranteed to feature in the very best Blaze photographs which appear in local newspapers, on our website and all forms of social media.


OnFire Magazine

Advertise in our monthly magazine with approx. 1,000 copies sold every month.



1/8, 1/4, 1/2 or full page advertisement opportunities available.


Contact us

If you are interested in finding out more, please email us: - or give us a call: 02477 719919.