QPLtalent is all about people. Matching the right person with the right position, building up contacts and keeping abreast of industry change, so they can react quickly and professionally to your needs.

In terms of job placement, it’s all about bringing added value to the table, ensuring the recruitment process is stress-free and effective, whether you’re a client or candidate.   

They have an extensive database of passive and active job seekers including qualified Finance, Marketing and HR professionals, and are continually adding to it, ensuring a good success rate in attracting high calibre applicants for their clients.

That’s why clients and candidates alike continue to use QPLtalent, knowing they can depend on them to deliver results.

They have established their business on the cornerstones of integrity, honesty, trust and reliability, which means they will always do thier best and go the extra mile to help you and you can always rely on them to be true to thier word and never promise the unachievable. 


Phone: 02476 992 004

E-mail: QPLtalent

Address: QPLtalent, CV5 Offices, 1160 Elliott Court, Herald Ave, Coventry Business Park, Warwickshire, CV5 6UB

Website/Social Media

Website: QPLtalent

Facebook: @qpltalent

Twitter: @QPLtalent