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Stewart selects alternate captains

Genting Casino Coventry Blaze Head Coach Danny Stewart has confirmed his alternate (assistant) captains ahead of the 2016/17 Elite League season.

Speaking to Blaze Media Manager Rob Plaister this morning, Stewart announced the names of Russ Cowley, Jim Jorgensen and newcomer to the Blaze roster this season, Matt Marquardt to fill the key role of alternates to club captain, Jordan Pietrus.

Speaking first about veteran Russ Cowley, Stewart enthused:

“Russ is a team first guy.  Yes, he has the local knowledge, he can be a ‘go to guy’ for the team, but it doesn’t really matter to me where he is from, that’s just a bonus. I know he is the right guy for the job. He leads by example, and has huge experience. He is the leader of our Brit pack, and he is an important senior player for me.”

Next the Head Coach discussed the selection of defenceman Jim Jorgensen:

“Jim is one of the quieter members of the dressing room, but he is the complete professional.  Always first to the rink, he always plays the right way, he is a fine example for any youngster who wants to have a role model. Jim is my leader at the back, and that’s an important factor for me to have.”

Finally, Danny discussed the selection of new Blaze recruit Matt Marquardt, a former Captain of the ECHL’s Florida Everblades:

“Matt brings a different element to my leadership group.  He is what I call a character guy. I can already see he is a motivator in the dressing room, and that’s vitally important to me and the rest of the guys. He simply craves success, he isn’t here for a holiday, that’s just not in this guys make up.  He wants to win, and I know that will rub off onto the others.  Winning is like a drug with some people and Matt Marquardt is one of these guys. He always wants to win, and that’s just a great mentality to have in professional sport!”

Fresh from a 6-5 victory over the Nottingham Panthers on Wednesday night, see the Blaze next in action against the Tilburg Trappers on Sunday (5.15pm face-off) at the Skydome Arena.

Tickets are still available for the game by calling 02476 630693 or using the new e-ticket system:

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