One of the Blaze's newest, but most dedicated partners is West Midlands Leisure Ltd, a supplier of gaming and amusement machines for club's and pub's etc.

Sam and Pete Lewis became a sponsor of the club to begin 2017/18, taking on player sponsorship of #18 Gustav Ahnelov (read more).

Because they found the partnership so rewarding, for 2018/19 they have increased their sponsorship, taking on further opportunities available.

They are the focus of our next sponsor spotlight:

1/ How long have you been sponsoring the Blaze?

Two years

2/ Why do you sponsor the Blaze?

We went to watch an Ice Hockey game in Washington D.C. while travelling around America. We saw the Washington Capitals and from that moment on we were hooked. We came home and looked for a club to follow and found the Coventry Blaze. We made an instant family, and after three seasons we decided to become a sponsor. Our first player sponsorship was #18 Gustav Ahnelov, with whom we had a great relationship, this made us decide to continue and increase our sponsorship with some persuasion from Rob Coleman.

3/ What have you sponsored this season?

This year we sponsored #7 Trey Lewis before his sad retirement and now #44 Ivan Puzic. We also sponsor the period breaks, have two season tickets and 20 Crowngate SkyLounge seats for our chosen guests over the season.  

4/ What are your highlights or best memories of being a sponsor for our club?

We love being sponsors and feel that we are very privileged to be part of such a great organisation. As for the memories, hockey has bought us too many to choose from but the one thing that is constant is heading to the Skydome to catch up with our extended hockey family for every home game.

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