One of our newest, but most passionate partners, QPLtalent are the focus of our next sponsor spotlight. 

QPLtalent is all about people. Matching the right person with the right position, building up contacts and keeping abreast of industry change, so they can react quickly and professionally to your needs.

In terms of job placement, it’s all about bringing added value to the table, ensuring the recruitment process is stress-free and effective, whether you’re a client or candidate.   

1/ What is your business called?


2/ How long have you been sponsoring the Blaze?

12 months

3/ Why do you sponsor the Blaze?

I really enjoy ice hockey and want to support our local team. I also understand the value of branding and getting our branding seen by many people. I would really like to see more interaction between sponsors.

4/ What have you sponsored this season?

Ice logo and perimeter board

5/ What are your highlights or best memories of being a sponsor for our club?

It has to obviously be the wins, but the most important thing has been the impact on our family as it gives us all a common interest and we can spend quality time together enjoying each other’s company.

Become a partner of the Blaze

A partnership with the Blaze is both enjoyable and rewarding so whether you are looking to promote your company, entertain your clients or just support one of your local sports teams, we can help - and would love to hear from you!