Sponsor spotlight: Cross Check Clothing

Cross Check Clothing is a popular hockey inspired clothing brand, created in 2012 by Josh & Pete. Their aim from day one was to "bring fresh apparel products to the hockey loving world" and they have certainly done that!

Offering a wide range of fantastic hockey themed clothing including tees, hoodies, beanies and much more. You'll often see their items on sale at the Skydome too and other rinks around the country. Check out their online store too - they ship worldwide!


1/ How long have you been sponsoring the Blaze?

We have been sponsoring Blaze for 5 seasons.

2/ Why do you sponsor the Blaze?

We enjoy sponsoring the Blaze because we have so many friends within the fan base and we enjoy feeling part of the Blaze community.

3/ What have you sponsored this season?

We sponsor club captain Kevin Morris.

4/ What are your highlights or best memories of being a sponsor for our club?

We have met so many awesome people through our visits to Coventry, and these have provided us with some incredible memories.

We have also worked with some fantastic players, Kyle Bochek, Chris Lawrence, Jordan Pietrus, Kevin Noble and Kevin Morris. We are extremely proud to have had these players representing our brand – on and off the ice.

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