#Shoulder 2 Shoulder with McDonald's & iExcellence

The Genting Casino Coventry Blaze are not only thrilled to welcome back two important sponsors of the club, but might Head Coach Danny Stewart be tempted to run a fifth line this coming season too?!

Franchisee of McDonald's John Kiely and founder of iExcellence Andrew Maiden have both pledged their off-ice support to the club, but also shown their commitment suggesting they are ready if the coach needs them!


Following the formation of a strong and positive partnership last season, three branches of McDonald's will again be working with us for the new season. Cross Cheaping, West Orchards and the Binley branch are all on board. As per last season, we are pleased to confirm that if you go into any of those McDonald's stores on a gameday wearing a Blaze jersey with the iconic 'M' on the shoulders, you can pick up either a Big Mac, Chicken Sandwich or Filet of Fish with Medium Fries for a price of just £1.99 (one meal per jersey).

McDonald's will also be getting involved with our extensive community programme during the season.

Website: McDonald's

Twitter: @McDonaldsUK

Facebook: @McDonaldsUK


iExcellence produce suites of products to help independent schools comply with legal and regulatory requirements, plus the latest best practice. Without this support, heads, bursars and governors risk letting their school, their pupils and parents down if they don’t keep on top of their responsibilities

They only work with the leading sector advisers in developing products and magazines so that they are useful, timely, cost-effective and accurate.

The company was set up by Andrew Maiden (pictured above), and they have launched numerous handbooks and magazines including, Funding for Independent Schools (the leading magazin for heads and bursars) in 2006, The Independent School Governor’s Handbook in 2009 (the third edition was published in 2015) and the Independent School Awards in 2010. Most recently, he has launched the British International School Awards and Governance Insight, the scenario-based magazine for independent school governors.

Website: iExcellence

Follow Andrew on Twitter: @andrewiex