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Thanks Rob Plaister as he passes over media reins

The Genting Casino Coventry Blaze would like to express our thanks to Rob Plaister, who after eighteen months as the club’s media manager, is handing the reins over to Craig Summerton for the forthcoming season.

“I think what has been achieved in eighteen months has been a solid set of steps forward and I’m proud to have been the driving force behind that,” said Plaister.

“However, for me, it was never going to be sustainable long term. I have a business to run and a family to look after so with a heavy heart, the time is right for me to now pass on the ownership of our media to Craig.

“I will still be continuing to help and work with the club where I can and as and when needed and I’m really excited with the side Danny is putting together for the forthcoming season.

“The club’s media is in good hands with Craig. He’s been my right hand man throughout and the quality and quantity of his work for the organisation has been immense. I have also been lucky enough to work closely with a number of other great people on the media side, Ed, Pete, Stu, Scott, Lola, Jordan, Matt, Shaun and Jono to name but a few and they will all give Craig a great deal of support.

“Thanks for everyone's help and encouragement during this time, and I will no doubt see you all soon at the Skydome,” concluded Rob.

“We have to say a huge thank you to Rob for everything he has put in place and for creating a fantastic platform for Craig to build upon,” said Blaze Chairman, Andy Buxton.

“Rob has thoroughly enjoyed developing the club’s media and has done a wonderful job – we’ve been very fortunate that he has been able to dedicate the time over the last eighteen months but when you have your own business to run as well as young family, you can’t do everything forever!

“We’re equally lucky to have Craig to take over the leadership of our media team,” continued Andy. “He does so much of the work behind the scenes and as Rob says, the quality and quantity of what he does is incredible. He’s very much looking forward to fronting the team going forward and we are all very much looking forward to working with him and his team during the coming season.”