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PredictorBet excited to partner with Elite League

Recently, the Elite League was delighted to announce a 3-year partnership deal with exciting new betting company PredictorBet. The deal will see PredictorBet become the title sponsor of the Elite League playoffs which will get underway on Easter Weekend, culminating in the PredictorBet Playoff Finals Weekend at the Motorpoint Arena. Nottingham on Saturday 7th and Sunday 8th April 2018 (Tickets on sale NOW).

PredictorBet, which will launch for the first time ahead of the playoffs, is a new online gaming platform that will allow fans to predict the results of a vast array of tournaments. The concept was created by Dean Jones, who saw a niche in the market for a prediction based offering, which enables players to use their skill and judgement rather than luck or odds. He established the venture in partnership with Damian Evans and Lisa Entwistle-Evans who speak about the new platform and their decision to partner with the Elite League in the below video:



The name “PredictorBet” combines the two fundamental concepts of the venture – the players “bets” on their own skill to accurately “predict” the outcome, making it a more educated, and indeed more social, proposition than luck based lotteries or traditional fixed odds

Unlike a lottery or typical odds betting, PredictorBet requires a level of ability and judgement to increase chances of success – the player predicts the outcome of a sporting event, be it an entire tournament, or a series of matches within that tournament, and a scoring system is applied to rank all users in a league. A guaranteed pay-out is received by a percentage of the highest scoring players; the proportion of winners being governed by the number of players in the game. The prediction based premise can be applied to any sporting fixture, and is particularly engaging in a tournament scenario, where the excitement builds round by round.

Unlike traditional fixed odds betting, PredictorBet pays out the whole prize pool every game – and those punters with the most accurate predictions take the biggest share of the prize pool, with the top dog taking half of the total pot! The more people play, the more we pay out! There will be tantalising bonuses for spot-on predictions - any player that accurately guess the results of all the games across any 2018/19 Premier League weekend, will scoop a cool £1 million!

Tapping into the social side of sport, PredictorBet allows users to gather their friends and create their own side rooms with fully customised game, team name and stake. Groups can keep it closed, to ensure the prize pool is only shared amongst their own social circle, or they can throw down the gauntlet and open the room up to the public, meaning that the prize pot potential is unlimited! Week by week, each team can see the progress of all their players in the Side Room Standings – the high-tech way to separate the great predictors from great pretenders!

The PredictorBet platform will be available on the App store, Android and desktop shortly.

Sign up here via here to join the app waitlist & find out more.

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