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Pease: “Patience is key”

Genting Casino Coventry Blaze Director of Hockey Operations James Pease has issued a firm statement that “patience is key" in regards the club’s recruitment this summer.

Speaking with Blaze Media Manager Rob Plaister, Pease said: “Danny is home in Niagra with his family and we are speaking every day. We have a list of around 20 or so players that we are looking at and speaking to. We have just missed out on a very good guy. I am not going to give out his name publicly but he is a top-end forward who has played a couple of hundred AHL games and scored well over a point-per game in the ECHL. I believe he would have been a premier player and one of the top scorers in the Elite League. That is the calibre of player we are looking for. Unfortunately, this guy isn’t ready to come to the UK yet and we respect that. Maybe next summer we will try again with him.”

The Elite League has been awash with signing news in recent weeks with club’s quickly tying down the players that they want to keep. With news slowing down across the league, Pease warns fans that there might be a wait before further signings are made.

“We are very pleased with the re-signings that we have made. We are very comfortable with where we are at. No news is not necessarily bad news. It’s early May, some league's are still playing! Teams have now had the opportunity to assess which players they want back and which they don’t and I think things will settle down now generally across the league if they haven’t already. There are plenty of guys that we could sign tomorrow, but they are available to sign tomorrow for a reason, the better guys, the guys with better pedigree and talent hang on and see what they have in front of them before they make the final decision. Those are the guys that Danny and I want and those are the guys we will make sure we are signing."


Pease continued: "Our fans are fantastic and are already filling up the Sponsorship Kit Grid and enquiring about Own and Loan jerseys and inevitably they are asking for signing news. My message to them is to be patient, it will be worth it, we will see to that.”

Pease also took the time to confirm Head Coach Danny Stewart's position with regards to the recent fires in Danny's homeland, Fort McMurray which he recently spoke about on BBC Coventry and Warwickshire:

“From what I understand and know, the majority if not all of Danny’s family now live in Niagra," said Pease. "However he has plenty of friends still in that area of Canada and he has spoken to them and the main thing is they are safe. Full credit has to go to the guys in the emergency services over there, they have done a fantastic job from the coverage I have seen and been told by Danny.