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Halloween jersey competition winners

Wow! The voting for the Grand Final of our Halloween jersey design competiton has ended and after verifying the results, we can't split two designs who have each recieved the exact same amont of votes.

These two designs have been run away winners in each of the group and semi-final stages, so due to their popularity, we have decided to declare them both winners!

So, a huge congratulations to Rebecca Thomson and Conleth McGuirk.

After a final fan vote, Rebecca's jersey will be the one we wear next, Conleth's will be worn the season after. 

Both jersey designs will be replicated as close as possible (with jersey sponsors added and subject to league approval) and be worn in Halloween themed games. The game-worn set of jersey’s will be auctioned as normal. The designers will be given a game-issued version of the jersey with their choice of name and number on the back.

Massive thank you to everyone who entered the competition and who voted to help us choose the winners!

Rebecca's design to be worn 2021

Conleth's design to be worn 2022