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Go Gold game raffles

This Sunday on Blaze TV, we are Passing The Smile, Being Bold and Going Gold to help raise awareness for Children’s Cancer and Leukaemia group (CCLG) in memory of Blaze fan and local Coventry boy Ben Crowther. 

From 4pm we will be re-playing in full our ‘Go Gold’ game from last September vs. Cardiff Devils in the Challenge Cup (read more).

As part of the virtual game day, we are holding two raffles:


Win half of the takings (prize calculated after 10% site commission). Tickets just £1 but the more you buy, the bigger the prize and the more chance you will have of winning.

Tickets £1. Winner drawn at 6.30pm on Sunday (20th September).

20th Anniversary Jersey Raffle

The raffle to win #15 David Broll's player-issued 20th Anniversary Jersey continues and the winner will be drawn at 7.30pm on Sunday (20th September). 

Tickets are just £2.