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Give the Panthers a fright on Sunday night

We often give you reasons to come to our next game. This week, we're giving you just one.

Given it's Halloween, we feel it only appropriate that we give our opposition a fright!

And who better than our bitter rivals the Nottingham Panthers.

To do this, we need YOU!!

Your inspiration comes from this week's Cats Whiskers podcast and the words of Tina Taylor (@muppitz_):

"We've got to keep our heads and not let that Skydome crowd get to the players. It's well publicised that it's quite an unpleasant experience being on the away bench at the Skydome. It'll be an education for the players who have never been before. It can be a motivator for the home team and if they are persisting with that bloomin' block full of drums then you can easily come out of there with a headache too."

So, there you have it.

Make it unpleasant, give those new Panthers players an education, motivate your Blaze team and bang those bloomin' drums as loud as you possibly can!!

This is our home - it's Halloween - make the Skydome a cauldron on Sunday night!

#ThisIsCoventry #COYB


Blaze vs. Panthers Sunday Skydome Arena (5.15pm)

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