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Ferrara grateful of support from thinAir Sports

The Genting Casino Coventry Blaze would like to place on record their thanks to thinAir Sports Coventry for assisting in British forward Luke Ferrara's recent recovery from a shoulder injury.

Ferrara celebrated his return to action by helping Blaze to a four-point weekend, hitting a hattrick and two assists in the 5-8 victory over local rivals Milton Keynes Lightning on Sunday night.

During the previous month on the side-lines, the 24-year-old spent much time working with thinAir Sports Coventry undertaking an adaptive high-altitude training programme, designed to speed up recovery from the specific injury.

The unique adaptive programme provided a tailored workout for the Blaze number 29, allowing him to maintain his core fitness whilst out of action. Importantly, thinAir Sports Coventry were able to monitor his body’s vital signs, stimulating blood flow and oxygen circulation to the injured area speeding up the recovery.

Ferrara commented, "I can't thank thinAir Sports Coventry enough for how they helped me through my time off injured! My fitness levels feel equal, if not better than what they were before the injury, and that's with limited capacity to do what I usually do in the gym! My first weekend back felt like I hadn't missed any time off at all."

About thinAir Sports Coventry

thinAir Sports adaptive altitude training sessions are individually tailored to maximise your health and wellness.

Amongst professional athletes the use of altitude training and its benefits are well documented, but the positive effects on none athletes are far less publicised. You simply sit down, relax, breathe air with reduced oxygen and the technology does the rest.

By taking a reading from the body via a pulse oximeter every second, our machines adapt to you in real time and deliver a training session that your lungs can cope with, all from the comfort of an arm chair.

Training the body to utilise oxygen more efficiently can elicits a wide range of wellness benefits including increased energy, reduced inflammation & swelling, chronic pain relief, deeper sleep, lower stress levels and improved skin condition to name just a few.

The personalised adaption makes thinAir Sports suitable for all ages and levels of fitness from 16 years and up.


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