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Escape with the Blaze a big success

On Tuesday and Wednesday this week, the Blaze Blue Army in conjunction with Blaze partner Escape Live (The Live Escape Game, FarGo Village Coventry) offered fans the chance to ‘Escape with the Blaze’.

A number of groups came together with the Blaze players to either escape from a Prison Cell or carry out a Casino Heist.

Much fun was had by all with Clare Robson on behalf of the Blaze Blue Army saying, “The teams really enjoyed themselves, with many saying they want to go back to Escape Live to try out the other experience. The players were brilliant and really got into the spirit of the games, we thank them for their time and really appreciate the support of the fans who came along to join us.”

Ticket and promotions executive, Dale Buckland, who apparently "did nothing" to help in a successful Casino Heist said, "All of the players and fans had a great time. The experiences are fantastic for team building in a fun and interactive way. We thank Escape Live Coventry for hosting and the Blaze Blue Army for arranging and planning the event."

About the experiences

Prison Break

You're in the prison cell previously occupied by Terrence Swift at HMP Standfast. Terrence had planned his escape but the night before his attempt he was moved to another facility. His master plan for escape is ready for you to execute, you just need to work out what he had planned and break out within 60 minutes!

Casino Heist

World renowned casino thief Danny has drafted you and your team to complete a heist of the Grand Casino Coventry. Taking advantage of a 60 minute CCTV outage, you are tasked with not only escaping within 1 hour but with as much cash as possible. Only the teams escaping with the most money will earn a place on Danny's greatest thieves list. Have you got what it takes?

About Escape Live (FarGo Village Coventry)

The brain-child of our match-night announcer John Dalziel and his business partner Jas Sodhi, Escape Live is an exciting group game with a difference.

Rated the No.1 fun thing to do in Coventry on Trip Advisor, Escape Live (The Live Escape Game, FarGo Village Coventry) offers two exciting interactive experiences as outlined above.

Ideal for team building, developing life skills and giving you lasting memories, Escape Live also has premises in Birmingham, Stratford-upon-avon and Essex, each with different games.

Find out more: Escape Live website

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