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End of Season Awards Show update

As advised on Monday, due to the ongoing COVID-19 situation our End of Season Awards show scheduled to take place at Coombe Abbey Hotel on Friday 20th March will no longer be able to take place.

Given the season we had enjoyed and the players we had to celebrate, on top of the immediate cancellation of the Elite League season, this has come as a huge blow to us.

The priority of our last few days has been ensuring that our overseas players are able to get home as quickly and as safely as possible. This has taken up significant time and a huge amount of expense for the club; to re-arrange flights, book at short notice, arrange travel to airports around the country etc.

Like many sports clubs and businesses, these unprecedented times (particularly considering lost revenue) have and will challenge us to the extreme but it’s a battle we’re committed to and ready for.

In recent days we have seen many of our supporters asking not to be refunded for tickets of events that we have been forced to cancel. The generosity, support and kind words we have received have been genuinely overwhelming and we feel as though we can do nothing more than just be honest with everyone at this time.

So, whilst we are defiant in our approach to keep this club running to the same high standards as we have worked so hard to reach this past season, given the issues touched upon above, it’s not going to be an easy challenge.

Every little thing is going to add up to making a huge difference, and whilst we understand that everyone has their own battles right now, if you can afford to leave your awards ticket money with the club, it would help more than you likely realise.

As a thank you for everyone who chooses to leave their money with us, we will pick 18 people via a random draw to win one of the unique player awards, that were to be presented to each player as thank you for their efforts over the season.

Each award is a special commemorative puck with an embedded player photo – something we feel extremely special, that if we can’t give to players – should be shared with the supporters who have helped make the season so memorable.

In addition, whilst we can't all get together for an awards show, via our social media channels, we will be making sure you all get to know the winners of the awards.

That all said, if you wish to claim a refund for awards tickets, please email – tell us your name – and how you paid for the tickets.

We will then be in touch to arrange this.

Thanks for reading and your understanding.

Take care,

Coventry Blaze staff and players