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Crazy Crew & the Ball Family back

The Ball Family

James, Karen and Family are entering their third season as a Blaze player sponsor. First sponsoring Blaze back-up netminder Adam Goss they then offered support to Boris Valabik last year. Sticking with the Blaze tough guy this season, they will be associate sponsors of Garrett Klotz. 

Blaze operations manager, Rob Coleman said: "It's great that a family like the Ball family want to get involved with the club. They don't do it to promote their business, they do it to help the club in their own little way".

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Crazy Crew

The Crazy Crew have been growing in members over the past few years and this year will be supporting the club in many ways. Associate sponsor to back-up goalie Renny Marr, they have also fully sponsored all kit, including Own and Loaning jerseys for British players David Clements, Ross Venus and Matt Selby. They'll also support two-way defenceman Jordan Stokes. Follow them on Twitter to see details of arranged away travel and summer social activities, or visit Block 8 during the season where they will lead the drummer and signers block behind netminder Brian Stewart. We thank them for their continued support of the club and in particular our British players.

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