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Blaze Faithful,

Happy Movember! As usual in the hockey world, mustache’s and beards are popping up left and right this month as we all try to raise money and awareness for men’s health worldwide. If you were in attendance on Sunday, I’m sure you noticed a few soup strainers, lip sweaters, pushbrooms, and flavor savers zipping around the ice. Although they warrant the occasional extended stares, glares, and eye rolls, we are having fun with it. It’s a great way to first, create awareness and raise money for those we care about, but second, a way to try out a potential new look ;)

We ask that you help us support the cause by growing your own (if you can) and donating to our Movember page (HERE) to help us reach our goal. We aren’t looking for much, all we are looking for is lots of participation!

Here is our progress after week 1.... Yes, I know a few of us got a head start… deal with it :)

Match the ‘stache

If you think you can, tweet me your guess (@kpmorris27) and use the hashtag #MovemberBlaze - then make a donation of whatever you are able to our page, HERE.

Everybody who gets all 13 right, and makes a kind donation to our page will be put into a draw to get the opportunity to have an on-ice photo after a game in late November with the team of Blaze Mo's. We'll have the photo printed and get it signed by all of the boys, with a personal thank you for your donation and participation. 

If nobody gets 13 right, all those with the most right guesses who have made donations will go into the draw.

Best Mo in Cov?

I’m also curious which Blaze fan has the best mustache in Cov… tweet me those too and remember to use the hashtag #MovemberBlaze

Donate to Blaze Mo’s

The Movember Foundation which we are raising money for is saving and improving men’s lives through projects focused on prostate cancer, testicular cancer, mental health and suicide prevention.

Random Roundup

Answer: The best thing in my opinion is just being in a new culture. I know that may sound like a boring answer, but moving my life here has been an awesome experience. The food, the lifestyle, even the hockey experience is all new and interesting. Back home, we tend to get set in our ways and miss out on experiencing different cultures. Living here forces us out of our comfort zone and teaches us to adapt to new ways of living and thinking. We are trying to do as much as we can to get out and explore when time permits. A few of us were able to go to a Birmingham City game last week and that was something I’ve never seen before. I can only imagine how crazy some of those Premier League games are.

The only downside of Coventry would have to be the traffic. After a day of training and uni, we usually time it perfectly for some dinner time stop and go traffic. But hey, traffic is everywhere. It’s really nothing to complain about.

Insta: @danny_morris_14: “Favorite superhero?”

Answer: Honestly, no clue. I played a lot of floor hockey and watched The Mighty Ducks as a kid. Not a ton of time focused on superheroes!

Chris Joyaux’s food for thought

“Since bread is square, then why is sandwich meat round?"