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Booster Club prove their worth again

The Genting Casino Coventry Blaze set off today for a gruelling schedule of three games in three days, but with the added comfort of knowing they will be arriving in Scotland a day early to enhance their preparation.

Head Coach Danny Stewart discussed the idea with the owners of the club, but there is obviously a significant cost to leaving the day prior to a game. 

Thankfully, this is where the Blaze Booster Club stepped in, together with an anonymous new sponsor to the club who offered to help with the costs. Approximately half of the costs have been met by these two separate donations and thus made the trip viable.

The Blaze Booster Club was set up back in August 2013 and was the brainchild of long-time fans, Tim Smith, Dave Roberts, Tim Ansell and Mark O’Doherty. They find different ways to raise funds to contribute to the club, the main source being a monthly subscription cost starting from just £1 a week.  For this, members get entered into a monthly prize draw and receive other benefits and perks, to date the Booster Club has contributed over £35,000 to the club.

Blaze Director of Community and Hockey Operations James Pease said:

“Danny came to us with the idea, and we of course were all for it, but with everything there is a cost, and with this idea it’s certainly a significant one. Thankfully the Booster Club stepped forward, and said they would like to help and then we had another donation from a good friend of the club who wishes to remain anonymous. These kind offers made the trip possible and we just hope leaving a day early can maximise our chances of coming home with the majority, if not all of the 6 points we are going up for.”

A delighted Head Coach Danny Stewart continued:

“This gives us the best chances to win the games we are going to play, and for that I want to thank every single member of the Booster club. I am not sure if we could have gone today had they not offered to contribute. All the players are happy with these arrangements, they understand the benefit of it, and on behalf of those guys I want to say huge thanks as well.” 

Stewart added, “I also want to say thanks to the guy who wants to remain anonymous, it’s a great effort.”

Tim Ansell, representative of the Booster club commented:

“Going to Scotland a day early could be the difference between 6 points and 4 points for example, we know our fans that are in the Booster club are in it to help the club so we like to step in and do something like this, a little out of the ordinary and I know the club greatly appreciate the support that we can give them on things like this.”


It's just £1 a week and you'll be in with a chance of winning some great prizes. Those of past draws have included, Own and Loan Jersey's, group dinner with Danny Stewart, Blaze VIP boxes and last summer a Blaze Season Ticket!

More details on the Booster Club can be found here:

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