Blaze team up with Body Chief

The Genting Casino Coventry Blaze have teamed up with Body Chief to supply its players with nutritional meals, focussing on health, freshness and great taste!

Body Chief are passionate about healthy lifestyles and enjoy discovering new flavours. Every day they raise the bar even higher and surprise customers with a unique culinary experience.

Choose a diet that fits your taste and your calorie requirements (HERE) and uniquely they will deliver FIVE of their high quality meals daily to your doorstep!

Clients can take advantage of free advice from a nutritionist, who can help to choose an appropriate menu/diet There are four to choose from (standard, vege , vege+fish and sport), plus five calorie options (1000 kcal, 1500 kcal, 2000 kcal, 3000 kcal and 4000 kcal).

By preparing the meals within a few hours of delivery means that everything that lands on your plate is always fresh.

Body Chief pay special attention to the ingredients that they use to prepare meals. They choose only organic and natural products from local suppliers.

The innovative approach to cooking and seasonal products ensures that the meals are not only low-calorie and healthy but also varied with over 100 different meals available.

Head Coach Danny Stewart of the partnership, “Nutrition and healthy eating for athletes is big in sports now. Being able to work closely with the team from Body Chief will help our guys not just on a game day, but all week. They are on hand for any information and have set out a fantastic plan for each individual player.” 

The company have now launched in three local cities, Coventry, Rugby and also Birmingham, supplying all surrounding areas as well.

Achieve your goals easier and enjoy the satisfaction that Body Chief can give!

#29 Luke Ferrara commented, “We have had game-day food supplied by Body Chief for a couple of weeks now and I can really feel the difference. Good sized portions, healthy and tasty.” 

#59 Ross Venus concluded, “When I met with the Nutritionist they found the best plan for me, tailored to the foods that I liked. I feel like I have more energy, and I know that on this plan I can keep pushing during games.”

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