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Blaze signing news tomorrow

Following the big Liam Stewart announcement on Wednesday, Head Coach Danny Stewart has confirmed that another signed contract has been returned and the identity of the player will be announced tomorrow morning, first in the Coventry Telegraph which is available in shops from around 6am.

This player, we believe is a big coup for the club and will excite fans. The club itself will announce the signing at 7am giving our friends at the Coventry Telegraph an exclusive period of one-hour.

Why are we telling you this? Well, as a media team we are trying to offer our fans the best possible coverage and the latest news as quickly as possible within our constraints. As a club, we need to have the support of our media partners and we have been working hard to form strong relationships with these outlets. This obviously causes a delay in giving information to fans at times, but as you will have seen the Blaze has been featured on the BBC website, Midlands Today, in the Coventry Telegraph and Observer and been on various radio stations this past week.

Obviously signing Liam Stewart had something to do with that but we want to not only get the news of all signings out quickly to our supporters, but also reach the widest audience possible. We understand the build up to signings can be a little frustrating, we are fans ourselves and are equally desperate to hear the signing news from Danny and James but we do this for two main reasons: a) to let you all know there is an announcement imminent b) to support our media outlets who support us. 

The Free Radio announcement this week being the perfect example of this.  Tomorrow, the Coventry Telegraph will have the news first - so please grab a copy if you can - it's a signing well worth reading about!

Thanks for all of your support.

Rob and Craig (from the Blaze Media team)