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Blaze Quiz Night info

On Sunday 22nd November at 5.30pm, the Third Period Podcast will be hosting a Quiz Night for Coventry Blaze fans.

Ash Batchelor, Danny Morris, Scott Findlay and Ross McDougall will be your hosts on Zoom. 


When you join, you will be entered into a virtual waiting room. When the hosts are ready to go, they will let everyone in. 

On entry, your audio will be automatically on mute and your camera will be off. It'd be nice to see some faces, but you don't have to have your camera on if you don't want to. You may also unmute yourself to interact with the hosts and each other.

The hosts may mute all participants during questions. 

The quiz is just for fun and to get everyone together so it will be relaxed, and you will be asked to mark your own scoresheet.

Please make sure you have pen, paper and your thinking cap on. Blaze jerseys are welcome!

We hope you all enjoy and don't forget to check out the Third Period Podcast and follow them on social media:


Twitter: @ThirdPeriodpod

Facebook: @3rdPeriod