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Blaze launch young journo competition

School's out for summer and so today see’s the launch of the Genting Casino Coventry Blaze Young Journalist competition.

We have been receiving some really positive feedback from the Blaze fan base regarding the club's media output, and we have decided it's time to find out what other journalistic talent we have out there in our young fan base!

Media Manager Rob Plaister explained:"The comments we have had about our media work this off-season have been quite humbling. Craig and I (with some support from others) work hard, but it’s something we love doing, even though it can take up an awful lot of time and drives our partners crazy! You will all remember Lola, who did a tremendous job and charmed us all interviewing Drew Fisher on the ice last season. Her Mum, Jenny told us that since then her confidence has rocketed and that made us feel proud. So, we are particularly excited about this competition.”



Outlinining what is required Rob continued: “We have split the competition into two age groups 7-11 and 12-16. We want ONE entry per-person and it can be any piece of 'Sports Journalism', from a written match report of your dream Blaze game, a review of the team Head Coach Danny Stewart so far has put together, a PR for a signing you’d like Blaze to make, Sidney Crosby perhaps?! Or maybe a video or audio report or interview. For example, you might want to commentate on a past Blaze game for 5 minutes or get a member of your family or friends to pretend to be a Blaze player or the Head Coach. There really are no restrictions on what you do, just use your imagination and be as creative as you can be!”

We will show off as many entries as we can, and the two winners will be announced towards the end of August. 

Closing date for entries is Tuesday 23rd August.  

The winners will get the chance to interview Blaze Head Coach Danny Stewart and a player pre-game and interview players on the ice post-game. If you don’t want to be on camera, that’s fine, you’ll still have the chance to meet and interview the Blaze coach and players and we can do it on audio or have you write it up for the website.

Winning entries will be shown all over our Social Media and the Blaze website, AND you will be able to watch a Blaze game free of charge from the DRP Logistics Executive box with your family. 

We might even throw in a couple of pizzas!

To enter (or for more details or questions) please email