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Blaze launch new Man of the Match Voting Feature

As most Genting Casino Coventry Blaze fans will be aware, over the last few weeks we have been trialling a new way for fans to vote for their Blaze Man of the Match. 

The old system was a little flawed in that fans tweeted us their choice and then someone had to sit and count all of votes.  If it was a close run thing, the poor soul counting was up against the clock to ensure they got it right.

Therefore, we decided to trial a system where we (the media team) whittled the choice down to a short-list of four, and fans then voted via Twitter. 

Blaze Media Manager Rob Plaister takes up the story, “In principle it was a good idea, but in practice it quickly became a nightmare. First, we had to try and time it right so the voting finished a couple of minutes before the end of the game. The problem was that any delay meant that the voting would finish well before the end of the game, and second, sometimes it was very hard to pick four players from any number of guys who deserved it. We gave it a go, but quickly realised it didn’t work, and based on fan feedback too, we knew that it had to change quickly and so change it we have.”

The Blaze Man of the Match is an important award given out every week, and something the players take a lot of pride in winning. The solution involves the new Blaze app, something Plaister was keen to explain.

“We decided this was perfect for the new Blaze app, on Saturday night, fans will be able to open the app, click a Man of the Match button and select their choice from a drop down menu of all the Blaze players – not just a short-list of four! All the fans will need to do is enter their name with their vote, and that’s it - nice and simple. We will also choose one fans name, who picks the winning player, and they will win the signed match-night puck from that player. We are sure we have found a solution that is fair for everyone, and we have managed to throw a prize in too!”

Download the Blaze app

Just search for 'Coventry Blaze' in the relevant app store or use the below links: