Ahnelov thankful of sponsors support

The Genting Casino Coventry Blaze are pleased to welcome back West Midlands Leisure Limited as a partner for the 2018/19 Elite League season.

Sam and Pete Lewis became a sponsor of the club to begin 2017/18, taking on player sponsorship of #18 Gustav Ahnelov.

Because they found the partnership so rewarding, for 2018/19 they have increased their sponsorship, taking on further opportunities available.

Our junior reporter, and friend to Sam and Pete, Lola Luckman spoke to Sam, Pete and Gustav about the experience.

By Lola Luckman

When I started going to watch the Coventry Blaze it was just me, my Mum and my Dad. Now, we have a really big group of friends, a hockey family if you like.

The ice hockey community and the Blaze are very welcoming and lots of people make great friends through the sport.

Over the 2017/18 season, Samantha and Peter Lewis of West Midlands Leisure Limited, have added a new member to our ice hockey family, #18 Gustav Ahnelov. The relationship began with West Midlands Leisure Limited committing to sponsor a Blaze player, and as new partners, and Ahnelov coming to the club for a first year, it was a good match!

Sam and Pete got into hockey after they saw the Washington Capitals and Boston Bruins play whilst they were on holiday in America. When they got home, they searched online to find a hockey team who they thought would be good to watch and they chose the Coventry Blaze. That was four-years ago and they have been fans ever since.

Gustav tried lots of different sports when he was a child but chose hockey as his favourite. This is the first time he has lived in a different country so it was really good for him to build such a good bond with his sponsor, and get support and friendship from them. They speak every day and see each other most weeks.

Sam and Pete say the best thing about Gustav is his sense of humour (he is pretty funny). They also think it’s cool that he teaches them how to swear in Swedish. Gustav thinks that the best thing about them is the way they treated him from the first day. They made him feel welcome and have been really generous. I thought it might be the pool table they put in his house at the start of the season but he says it wasn’t.

Sponsoring the Blaze is a good way to let people know about your business. Sam runs West Midlands Leisure Ltd who hire out Fruit Machines, Juke Boxes, Pool Tables and Leisure equipment.

But, that wasn't the only motivation to sponsor the Blaze. As huge fans, they wanted to take an extra step to help and support the club. Gustav, thankful of their sponsorship, and friendship said it's important to the players and club, but also a good way for people like Sam and Pete to get to be more involved, learn about the club, its players and be able to see a little bit more behind the scenes.

Both Sam and Pete have enjoyed their first year as a player sponsor, and advise that if you are thinking about becoming a partner of the Blaze, you should think about what you want out of it and what you can offer to the club. There's many sponsorship opportunities available to suit a variety of needs.

Now that the season is over, it is time for Gustav to say goodbye. Sam will probably cry, Pete will tell her not to be silly, and Gustav will go off to climb Mount Kilimanjaro (he’s weird because he is doing it for FUN!).

If Gustav isn't going to be coming back, Sam and Pete say they will go to Sweden to see him and his family who visited and were also made to feel so welcome by Sam and Pete earlier in the year.

Partnership Opportunities

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