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12 reasons to join us vs. Edinburgh (28/01)

The Genting Casino Coventry Blaze take on the Edinburgh Capitals at the Skydome Arena on Saturday (7.00pm face-off).

Here's 12 reasons why you should join us:

1. Because it’s the first time we’ve seen the Caps

Player/Coach Michal Dobron has put together an exciting roster and Saturday will be the first chance to see them in action at the Skydome Arena. Jacob Johnston on defence with 25 points in 32 Elite League games has again been impressive and a well-known name in hockey circles will appear on the Edinburgh roster, that of Jared Staal – brother to NHL trio Jordan (Carolina), Marc (New York) and Eric (Minnesota).

2. Because Pavel Vorobyev

The Capitals’ top point-scorer (34 in 23 games) is a former #1 NHL draft-pick of the Chicago Blackhawks. With significant KHL experience on his CV too, the 34 year-old is our pick for ‘one to watch’ on Saturday night.

3. Because we owe them one

Blaze have suffered two miserable trips to Murrayfield this season going down 4-1 and 8-2 in October and November respectively. This though is a very different Blaze team and we want revenge on our home ice.

4. Because we might win an award

Playing the Caps puts us in prime position to win a much coveted award (Monday 8pm - or thereabouts....). If you don’t know what we mean, it’s probably better left that way.

5. Because #ChooseBlaze

6. Because Marc Cantin

In the absence of the injured three at the back, with a goal and two assists this past weekend, the 6’1” former Memorial Cup Champion is excelling as we head down the stretch of the season.

7. Because we want to jump ahead of the Storm

And keep the Dundee Stars at a distance.

The two play each other on Saturday so a Blaze win is crucial, whether it’s to stay ahead in the race to secure a playoff spot (8th) or to move ahead of the Storm who currently sit one point ahead.

8. Because you could win a ten seater box

For our last regular season home game against the Braehead Clan by taking a #DiscoStewAndYou selfie-frame and sending it to us on Twitter, tagging in Liam’s player sponsor, @crowngatebuild @covblazehockey and using the hash-tag #DiscoStewAndYou (more info).


9. Because Scorch is a warrior

Despite a fight with a Bubble-Ball and a quick trip to hospital, everyone’s favourite dragon was right back at it on Saturday. Sporting war wounds, the best mascot in the league will no doubt be up to his usual antics again this weekend.

10. Because Saturday night TV


11. Because @MattHDGamer

The Fifa YouTube phenomenon, will as he often does, be joining us at the Skydome on Saturday. The Player Sponsor to Garrett Klotz will be taking to the ice post-game to present the Man of the Match Awards. We thank Matt for his continued support.


12. Because Ice Hockey is a “wonderful night out”

But don’t just take our word for it. Take it away Carol, Xavier, Ami and Kenny:

I spent sometime at an Ice Hockey game

where players give their all to achieve fame.

Cheers greet our blue team out onto the ice

tonight let us win - that would be nice

Opposition out now, shirt colour white,

game should be exciting, with maybe a fight!

The play is so fast- was that a GOAL???

NO, Brian Stewart stopped it with his well held 'Pole'

Oh dear we're in trouble, the sticks been put in,

that's right ref - he's in for the sin bin.

Back to the game, the players speed up the ice

yeah - a shot on goal - in the net would be nice.

An erratic shot, lets have some good luck,

In the back of the goal, is the place for the puck.

Its In, its In - listen to the shouts of the crowd

voices, shouting and cheering, all very loud.

We're all off our seats and getting excited

the Blaze are now winning - the home teams united

We've won. Hurrah, the Blaze are now are the best

the visiting team just make up the rest.

For a good timeout - Ice hockey I'd choose

it's really exciting watching the blues.

Come to the skydome, support your homeside

and give YOUR all, watch them with pride.

Then with a hotdog and drink, it's off home to bed

'Twas a wonderful night out - it has to be said



Tickets for the game on Saturday vs. Edinburgh Capitals (7.00pm face-off).

Call 02476 630693 or visit the Skydome Arena box office.