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The latest in the series of Blaze 2014/15 interviews is with a guy who if you haven’t seen him it was either a trick or you have been missing out. As well as being one of the nicest guys he is also one of the most talented, using his hands a little bit differently than say Cale Tanaka, Tom aka Jester Styles is usually seen floating (maybe literally) around the VIP boxes or Crosbys post-game. I strongly recommend going and talking to him and seeing his brand of magic if you haven’t already.
Jester firstly a big thank you for agreeing to answer a few questions.
No problem at all Ed, it still amazes me that people actually want to read my what I have to say, its both and honour and a privilege so thank you for asking me.
Firstly when did you get into magic and can you give us a background in how you’ve developed your talent?
Oh man! You would think I would be better at answering this question by now,  I know this sounds like a cop out but.. on my blog i go into much more detail then we have time for here so if your readers want to know more check out the behind the mask section on my website
Is that a cop out? Let me tell you this then! My first real memory  of magic was watching David Copperfield with my dad.. I remember him flying, but the trick thing he did that stayed with the most was when he walked through the great wall of china!
As for developing my skills..  I listen. I take it you know the saying “on the shoulders of giants” ? Well that’s never been truer than in magic. I take advice from people  who know what they’re talking about, and I have a close bunch of magician friends around the country who I talk with everyday, we are always push each other to achieve new things.
Now you cant tell me how you do it, but, whats your favourite trick and why?
What you may not know about me,  is when im away from the corporate boxes at the Skydome or the romanticness of a wedding  I do a lot of performances that are a little.. darker,  performing magic based around Voodoo and medieval witchcraft.  Some of that stuff puts me at real risk of hurting myself if I get it wrong, pick the wrong person or fail to influence them in the right way.. that sort of things gives me one hell of a rush!
One thing I think anybody who has seen me perform before knows.. I love fire!  I have a great bit of magic involving a stick man and some fire to show off this season.. but for me the real thing i enjoy most, is mind reading..  It’s hard to do, but its got to be my favourite, when you get inside somebody’s head and you hear the words they  are thinking of... I love that!
I hear you met Dynamo! That must have been awesome how did that come about?
Haha! Have you been stalking me?  I met him in Blackpool, where they host the annual British magic convention.  I bet that’s not as exciting as you thought it was going to be?
If you want some gossip on TV Stars tho... Keep your eyes open for a Program on BBC 3 this august named Killer Magic, two of the magicians on that are good friends of mine and its going to be wicked!
If you could saw anyone in half who would it be and why?
Do I have to put them together again?
It would be cool to meet Banksey ! Nobody gets to do that, so I’ll say him!
Have you ever had any bloopers where stuff hasn’t quite gone right?
YES!  If you’re not taking risks then you’re not growing as a performer! I guess  Its the role of the proffesonal to make these mistakes unnoticeable to their audience..  some of the best stuff I do have come from messing up something or other!
I see on facebook you have “magic jams” describe what happens in one of these?
I could tell you.... but, well you know the rest
Do you have room for an attractive assistant?
ED you can be my assistant anytime.. but i think you are needed on the Webcast!
What are your plans for the 14/15 season?
I had such a great season last year, meeting so many great fans and being taken in by the Blaze players and be really made to feel part of the Blaze family! So i’m just going to try and replicate that again! Tho i’ve got some ideas to try out.. im going to do score predictions as well I think...
I’d like to introduce some more of my.. dangerous magic, but I’ll have to talk to the bosses about that!
Do you have a prediction for us now?
My Prediction for the season? Haha! I knew that would come up the moment I heard Dynamo has predicted the final of the world cup, so with that in mind i’ve done a bit of future gazing and these are my thoughts..
After a strong start to the season, Injuries will play a heavy toll on the Blaze top lines meaning they have to give up a few places in the table.. This will lead to an exciting power struggle towards the end of the season with every point counting.  It’s going to be exciting , that’s for sure!
Thank you Jester, do you have any messages for the fans out there?
Just to say thank you so much for the great response i’ve had from all of  the fans, players , players families and even the office staff! The award I was given last season still sits proudly on my fire place and I can’t wait to get back in the Skydome!
I know there are a few budding magicians who attend blaze games, so please don’t be shy, come and jam with me! 
Also I love using social media to talk about the hockey, magic or just about anything! Hit me up on twitter @jester_styles and follow my adventures at

MD Computer Solutions sponsor Rory Rawlyk

MD Computers

The company located in Rugby have been sponsors of the Blaze for a number of years now and it is a pleasure to welcome them back next season as player sponsors to new defenceman, Rory Rawlyk.

Owner of MD Computer Solutions, Mark Drakeford said, “Working with the Blaze is absolutely fantastic. We come to every home game and love everything about the club. We would recommend working with the Blaze to any business and we look forward to the new season beginning – roll on 27th August!”

Blaze Chairman, Andy Buxton added, “Mark and Simone are long standing sponsors of the club and are another fantastic example of people who not only sponsor the club, but who love to come to the games as well. We have a fantastic relationship with MD Computer Solutions and we look forward to this continuing next year.”

If you would like your company to be involved with Coventry Blaze for the forthcoming season, please contact us on 02476 223220 for more information. Executive Boxes available from £200 plus VAT per game, sponsorship packages available from £500 plus VAT.

Minuteman Press sponsor Brian Stewart

mmp coventry logo

Minuteman Press extend support to sponsor new Blaze goalie.

The local printing company located on Hanford Close in Coventry have committed their support for a third season, enjoying corporate seating as well as being player sponsors of new Blaze keeper, Brian Stewart.

Monica Moody from Minuteman Press said, “We are absolutely hooked on the Blaze. We rarely miss a game and it’s always great to bring new people along to try to get them hooked like we are! Our son is even playing for the Blaze Academy now – it is such a fantastic sport and club to be involved with.”

Blaze Chairman, Andy Buxton added, “Minuteman Press have been a pleasure to work with over the last few seasons. They do a huge amount of printing work for us, including printing our OnFire Magazine and never fail to deliver – even when we throw some incredibly tight deadlines at them! It is great to see sponsors fall in love with the sport which is what has happened to Monica and her family and we look forward to continuing our relationship with them next year.”

If you would like your company to be involved with Coventry Blaze for the forthcoming season, please contact us on 02476 223220 or for more information.  Executive Boxes available from £200 plus VAT per game, sponsorship packages available from £500 plus VAT.

New rule changes for 2014-15 Season

Elite League Logo 2

The Rapid Solicitors Elite League will introduce a couple of rule changes, which were implemented by the IIHF at their annual Congress this summer. 
Hybrid icing 
Hybrid icing will now be used in all matches instead of touch icing. In summary, play is stopped immediately if the player on the opposing team reaches the face-off dot first, instead of skating all the way across the goalline to touch the puck. This type of icing is intended to reduce the number of collisions along the boards during touch icing, but still allowing the team that iced the puck to get to it first to wave off the icing. 
In instances where the puck is shot around the end boards, travels down the ice and comes out the other end, the linesman has to determine who would have touched the puck first. If it's the defending player, he calls an automatic icing but if it's the attacking player he lets the play continue. 
The new icing rule will be in force from the upcoming 2014-15 season.
Referee, Mike Hicks, said: "Hybrid icing has been discussed for a while now and it is a good thing for the Elite League that it has now been implemented.
I’m sure many of the UK fans have been watching the NHL and noticed that the touch icing was replaced last season with hybrid icing.
"It is a great move forwards in player safety. It keeps the excitement and the game-flow going - and creates and forces the teams to race for the puck on potential icing situations.
"However, the linesmen now need to make a judgement call as to who would win the race to the puck by the hash marks.
"This reduces any potential injury situations with players racing the length of the ice and injuring themselves on the end boards." 
For a more detailed explanation of hybrid icing, click this link
Offensive zones 
The size of the end zones will be increased by one-and-a-half metres to bring the Elite League in line with the IIHF rule change. The bluelines will now be 22.86 metres from the end of the rink. 
All clubs need to have this in place by the 2015-16 season, while a number of clubs will implement this for the upcoming 2014-15 campaign.
This includes the Motorpoint Arena in Sheffield, the venue for the Challenge Cup final and Nottingham's National Ice Centre, the venue for playoff finals weekend. 
Elite League chairman, Tony Smith, said: "We felt it was important for us to follow the IIHF proposals. The top leagues in the world will be implementing this and so should we.
"It should be of benefit to the GB national team as well. Any tournament they play will now have these end zone sizes and it is important they play all season long with the same size."

Cross Check Clothing to sponsor Kyle Bochek


Cross Check Clothing is an Ice Hockey inspired clothing and merchandise brand bringing fresh and exciting products to the hockey loving world. They are based in the UK but ship worldwide and it is a pleasure to welcome them to the Blaze family for the 2014/15 season through their sponsorship of new Canadian forward, Kyle Bochek.

Owner of Cross Check Clothing, Pete Weeks said, "Cross Check Clothing is extremely excited to be working with everyone at the Coventry Blaze for the 2014-15 EIHL season. The Blaze have put together a fantastic roster for the new season and we are looking forward to watching them on the ice and making some new friends at the Skydome. See you in September!"

Blaze Chairman, Andy Buxton added, “It is great to have Cross Check Clothing on board for next season. They are a new brand within the hockey world and it is great that they want to work with us to help grow the brand further. We look forward to building a great relationship with them next year.”

If you would like your company to be involved with Coventry Blaze for the forthcoming season, please contact us on 02476 223220 for more information. Executive Boxes available from £200 plus VAT per game, sponsorship packages available from £500 plus VAT.

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