The Coventry Blaze work with over 80 local and national companies and schools we are extremely proud of the relationships we have built with all our partners and schools regardless of the size of organisation or school.

Our relationships with our partners are real and personable and they work. We have a fantastic retention rate within our sponsor and schools base which is evidence that companies and schools actually enjoy working with us.

But don’t just take our word for it! Read below what some of our current partners and schools have to say about working with the Coventry Blaze.



“Midrepro recognise that Coventry Blaze provide structured and sustainable partnerships with schools that engage and connect with students. We are proud as Eco School partners to Cov Blaze in creating innovative partnerships that think outside the box and not just tick them."

Tony Owen

Sales Consultant




"Being a sexual health and provider of abortion services, it can be a challenge to find open minded, forward thinking organisations who will enable us to promote knowledge of our NHS funded services out to the public. Working with the Coventry Blaze has achieved several key objectives for us. We have been a provider of NHS funded services in Coventry for over 30 years and as such our sponsorship has enabled us to support our local community. I am always proud to see our purple bpas patch on the kit when the guys stand to sing the national anthem and certainly intend for the association between bpas and Blaze to continue."

Donagh Stenson

Associate Director of Marketing



Pyramid Design – Providing creative, marketing solutions.

Pyramid Design are based in Leamington Spa and have just confirmed their involvement with us for the TENTH consecutive season.

"We were first contacted by the Blaze back in 2000 who gave us some complimentary tickets. The first game we came to, we walked through the entrance during warm up, and saw the biggest guys you could imagine and just thought WOW! this is gonna be good.

That evening Blaze beat Edinburgh something like 12- 1 and we all thought we’ll have some of this! We were just getting used to the winning habit and someone called Stevie Chartrand got a nasty face injury, we thought it was all over, after all he was the star player wasn’t he!

Over the next season things just got better and better. Part way through the season the guys asked if we would be interested in becoming involved by designing and producing the programme each week. We couldn’t resist the challenge.

Hopefully we have helped with the visual image of the Blaze marketing material – we hope that the programme, the photography and now IGNITE magazine are making a contribution to the success of the Blaze organisation.

Whatever we do, we want to do it properly, and it helps working with a thoroughly professional and marketing savvy client.

Its good being part of a real success story that effects so many people – long may it continue – heads up Blaze. Here's to another ten years!"

David Martin
Pyramid Design


Woodcrafts (Coventry) Ltd Woodcrafts are a long standing, family run, local business. They have been partnering the Blaze for four seasons.

Woodcrafts (Coventry) Ltd became involved with Coventry Blaze Player Sponsorship over the last four years.

"We have found it to be the most cost effective way of promoting our Company whilst at the same time, in our own small way, helping Coventry Blaze to become the envy of British Ice Hockey! 

We are proud to be associated with an organisation committed to Family entertainment and Team Sport."

Peter Lissaman
Director / Co. Secretary
Woodcrafts (Coventry) Ltd.


Volvo Truck & Bus – East Anglia - Volvo trucks and bus specialist. For trucks, parts and maintenance, they are Volvo at its best.

2007/08 was the fourth year that Volvo Truck and Bus decided to partner with the Coventry Blaze in a sponsorship deal.

"The main reason we decided to work with the club was because the Blaze are an up and coming sports team which has been extremely successful in the few years since it’s conception in Coventry.

Volvo took the decision last year to raise the profile of the company within the area, as many people thought the only Volvo representation in the city was the car dealership, and did not realise there is also a large and successful truck and Bus operation.

To this end we looked at how we could get involved with a local team with great media coverage and sensible sponsorship rates that would enable us to significantly raise our profile locally and would also benefit our local team.

We worked closely with the Blaze organisation to come up with a package that suited both parties in terms of coverage and price and came out with the current deal.

It was, and always is a great pleasure to talk and plan items with all at the Blaze as the organisation is extremely professional and caring with it’s approach, not only to current sponsors but also to potential partners and anyone in the community.

The Sponsorship deal has allowed us to network with other sponsors on a regular basis and has also enabled us to be invited to three Civic receptions in the past few seasons.

This really is a partnership that has had great benefit to both Volvo and the Blaze organisation and we are currently working closely with four other sponsors we have met through the network on projects outside of Ice Hockey.

So you can see that business partnerships have certainly been cemented through our involvement with the club. Thank you Blaze for the opportunity to partner your great organisation and long may it continue."

Brent Norton
Dealership Manager

Volvo Truck & Bus – East Anglia

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