You can own a special edition Blaze third black jersey for a buy-it-now price of £150. 

Your chosen player will wear the jersey in Challenge Cup home games and then it will be available for you to collect at the game, after the teams final game in the competition. 

If your player is chosen as the jersey raffle on a match night, a new jersey will be issued to the player for that game, and the original returned to him afterwards, meaning the jersey you receive will have seen as much game wear as possible.

You can also place a bid on a jersey, starting from £50.

If there are any jerseys not sold for the buy-it-now price of £150, the bidding will end at the game following our final fixture in the competition. 

To buy-now a jersey, or place a bid, call the Blaze office on 02477 719919 (Monday to Friday 9.30am - 4.30pm) or visit the FanHub on a match-night at the unseated end of the arena. 

Current availability and bids



#1 Hedley Emma Adams
#8 Lord  £50
#10 Bloodoff John & Lewis Dawson
#11 M.Pohlkamp £60
#14 Forbes £60
#15 Broll Tate Group
#18 Lawrence Nigel Plowman
#19 Ferrara Ray Lewis
#20 Eichstadt £60
#21 C.Pohlkamp £60
#22 Hamonic  Sold
#28 Hache  £60
#41 Curran Daniel Curran
#44 Schiestel  Jamie Collins 
#51 Phillips Lewis Callant 
#58 Clements Eloise Edwards
#59 Venus  Alex Bugg
#61 Johnston Keith Wright 
#62 Laakkonen £60
#88 Corcoran £50
#00 Scorch £50
#2 (No Name)  
#16 (No Name) £60
#24 (No Name)  
#31 (No Name)